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Can You Hear My Heart??


Annyeong nae chinga,hehe sudah lama kan Fit tak update pasal drama Korea.Hmm.. kali ni Fit nak update sebuah drama yang membuatkan Fit asyik teringat je dekat hero dia.hehe..Memang melting dengan watak hero dia.Rasa-rasa macam nak dia jadi bakal suami tapi mimpi je la kan.Drama ni dah tayang awal tahun 2011.Baru sekarang Fit tergerak hati nak tengok sebab time 2011 Fit masih sibuk dengan study.Sekejap je Fit habiskan drama yang ada 30 episod.Fit tengok dekat sebab maaduu baru dalam waiting list untuk tayang.jom tengok siapa yang berlakon.

Bong Woo-Ri (Kim Sae-Ron/Hwang Jung-Eum) was a bright 9-year-old girl, but she didn't have a name or a father. Her mother was also deaf. Nevertheless, there were good people around her like Bong Young-Gyu (Jeong Bo-Seok) - a man who loved her mother and was also mentally deficient. The Young-Gyu lived with his elderly mother and his son Bong Ma-Roo (later played byNam Gung-Min).
Bong Ma-Roo was an honor student who was insecure about his foul-mouthed grandmother and his mentally deficient father. To make matters worse, his father married a woman who was deaf. Meanwhile, 9-year-old Bong Woo-Ri was elated that she finally had a family and a name. Tragedy soon struck when a fire occurred in a factory where their deaf mother worked. Their mother died in the fire and their father was taken into police custody because of a frame-up . Ma-Roo left his sister and said he would come back. Now, Bong Woo-Ri, her grandmother and father awaited his return.
Meanwhile, Dong-Joo (Kang Chan-Hee/Kim Jae-Won) lived with his grandfather, mother and stepfather. His grandfather owned the company "Yoo-Kyung," but the company was run by the step-father due to the grandfather's bad health. By chance, Dong-Joo met Woo-Ri. He promised to teach her how to play the piano. To keep his promise, Dong-Joo attempted to sneak out at night once. During this time, he saw his step-father allow his grandfather to die. An accident then occurred that resulted in Dong-Joo permanently losing his hearing. At the funeral for his grandfather, Dong-Joo's mother learned that her husband cheated on her and even fathered another child. Dong-Joo's mother also learned that the other child was Bong Ma-Roo. The mother then hid Dong-Joo's loss of hearing and took him to live overseas. For revenge, Dong-Joo's mother also took Bong Ma-Roo with them. While living overseas, Bong Ma-Roo changed his name to Jang Joon-Ha. Dong-Joo also learned how to read lips and, because of this, could act as someone with normal hearing. Everything was set. The three of them returned to South Korea and Dong-Joo now attempts to return the company to his mother and exact revenge upon his stepfather ....

Kim Jae Won as Cha Dong Joo

new drama  May Queen (2012)

Hwang Jung Eum as Bong Woo ri

Drama-Golden Time (2012)

Nam Goong Min as Bong Ma Roo/ Jang Joon Ha

Drama-   City Conquest / Conquer the City (2012)

Go Joon Hee as Kang Min Soo

Drama-The Chaser (2012)

Lee Kyu Han as Lee Seung Chul

Drama -The Marriage plot (2012)

ni link untuk download OST Can You Hear My Heart.

Fit suka lagu ni dan penyanyi ialah Bong woo Ri

 Ok cukuplah setakat ni ye.Kalau nak lebih info boleh google sendiri k.thanks a lot to Google sebab kongi semua ni.

I love this quote
I’m not someone who can’t hear, I’m someone who can see well.

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