Sunday, 11 May 2014

Food Review : Restaurant The Ridge Teja By The Sea

Hello peeps, this semester I have many subject started with FOOD such as Food Science, Food Safety and the last and most important is Food Writing. Yes Food Writing! One of syllabus in this subject is a Food Review.

In this subject we need to choose and try food in one of restaurant by ourselves and write food review. So I choose Restaurant The Ridge Teja By The Sea. This restaurant owned by muslim so it is 100% Halal and you can enjoy your food happily with no doubt.They also provided facilities such as musolla . So we no need to rush for solat as the place had their own musolla. It is located next to jetty Pulau Aman , Batu Kawan Penang. The scenery of restaurant is so beautiful . The dining area is an open air so we don't need air conditioner because we have fresh air. We can eat while enjoying the sunset. Suddenly my mind keep thinking about romantic dinner. One day maybe! Stop thinking about that.Let’s get back to the topic.


The restaurant back and front
Dining area

We had buffet line for our appetizer and for main course I choose Western Mix Grills even though this restaurant famous for their seafood dish. My theme is so perfect because it’s open air. I felt like I am having barbeque with my beloved family because we grill and we eat by ourselves. The table was set up for grills. Waiters start to give their best service. The waiter served mix meat grills accompany by variety of capsicum and with potato jacket. It is plating nicely. I lost my patience and start grill all of the meat. In western mix grills it contains lamb, chicken, beef and dory fish. I’m started with appetizer and it taste just fine but I like their crab soup. For your information, I am crab lover. After meat was done cooked I start to eat. The meat is well seasoning so it tastes delicious. This dish served by 4 type of sauce such as Black pepper sauce, mushroom  sauce, Tartar sauce Rosemary sauce. Black pepper sauce becomes my first choice to eat together with meat. Black pepper sauce and grilled meat was good combination. Lastly, we end our dinner with jelly cocktail and an ice cream.

Menu of appetizer in buffet

Western mix grills with sauces

If you interested or boring with same restaurant atmosphere. You can try this restaurant with new environment and far far away from town and tall buildings. The price is affordable and for my set RM 60 per pax. Last but not least,I hope we can see each other with new restaurant and delicious food. I hope we can enjoyed what we eat. Beautiful is subjective same goes to taste. Everyone have their own taste.

Bye see you again.


  1. Tak di ganggu oleh Nyamuk??? Mixed comment, iv read!
    Jul frm Brunei

    1. haha..nyamuk?? of course ada nyamuk open air kan. terima kasih sudi singgah dan baca entry diblog saya yg tak seberapa ni.


thanks for your comment lain kali datang lagi

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